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Baby Bentley

By Doodles

Portrait of little baby Bentley. This was done on some heavy stock multimedia paper in pencil with india ink accents.


NeoGAF Doodles

By Adventures in MSPaint, Doodles No Comments

As an avid frequenter of the video game forums, there has been a few times in my years of lurking that I’ve contributed to different threads with artwork. Here’s a couple I found hidden away in my dusty, digital folders.




Proposed t-shirt design for the inaugural batch of NeoGAF swag. The image is comprised mostly of GAF-only memes, most of which are now only remembered by the older members. While it was an appreciated design, the mods were quick to point out just how many copyright infringements were featured prominently.


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Brotherly Favors

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While in college my brother had a propensity for spiffing up his term papers with elaborate covers and headings.

…usually produced by me.

Considering these have no other place to be featured, figured why not here!

Above is from the philosophy paper featuring Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’.

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Lost Toy

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When I FIRST MADE MY WEBSITE (how cool is the WayBack Machine?!) it was at a time professionally when I had my undergraduate work and not much else to my portfolio. This meant that the work that would be most prominently featured would be my “toys” series of paintings I did as my senior thesis series.


Because of this I wanted to have a header that tied into the theme of my most prominent work. I went and dug through my old action figures and grabbed a loose assortment of legs, arms and weapons and spent a hot minute coming up with this little guy here:


Similar enough to fit in but bare bones enough to serve as a good header. It would be too much to call this the “lost” piece in the series, but it feels like a second-cousin once removed to the rest.

3rd Grade

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Early on in my digital work I was still feeling out how to properly recreate the process of painting with a Wacom Tablet and Photoshop. Here is a self portrait around the time I started to get the hang of things.

I’d like to note the fact that I was still using the basic brushes, having not yet realized the virtues of the textured brush.