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Lost Toy

By May 5, 2016May 8th, 2016Doodles

When I FIRST MADE MY WEBSITE (how cool is the WayBack Machine?!) it was at a time professionally when I had my undergraduate work and not much else to my portfolio. This meant that the work that would be most prominently featured would be my “toys” series of paintings I did as my senior thesis series.


Because of this I wanted to have a header that tied into the theme of my most prominent work. I went and dug through my old action figures and grabbed a loose assortment of legs, arms and weapons and spent a hot minute coming up with this little guy here:


Similar enough to fit in but bare bones enough to serve as a good header. It would be too much to call this the “lost” piece in the series, but it feels like a second-cousin once removed to the rest.

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