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NeoGAF Doodles

By May 6, 2016May 8th, 2016Adventures in MSPaint, Doodles

As an avid frequenter of the video game forums, there has been a few times in my years of lurking that I’ve contributed to different threads with artwork. Here’s a couple I found hidden away in my dusty, digital folders.




Proposed t-shirt design for the inaugural batch of NeoGAF swag. The image is comprised mostly of GAF-only memes, most of which are now only remembered by the older members. While it was an appreciated design, the mods were quick to point out just how many copyright infringements were featured prominently.




Proposed album artwork for user Agent Whiskers. Wasn’t chosen, but this was also my first forray into textured overlays for Photoshop drawings.





From a ‘Draw your favorite video game moment in MSPaint’ thread. Mine was from Half-Life 2.

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