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Editing is Hard

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Who knew a 13 minute short film could take so long to edit? Not me.

Here’s to the last half of way too many sound effects still needed for a stupid horror movie based in a Fisher Price dollhouse where 99% of the animation was done with out of frame fingers. đŸ„‚đŸ™Œ





Finally done.đŸ€Ż

2015: A Year in Gaming

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2015 was a year full of disappointments for me. And I’m not talking about the games here. The games were pretty stellar. No, I was let down by the lack of time I could weasel out of life for all of the great releases. I missed out on Metal Gear Solid V. I missed out on Batman: Arkham Knight. What may have very well been my personal GOTY, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was left installed, patched up and un-played. Ori and the Blind Forest, Lisa, Until Dawn, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pillars of Eternity… the list goes on.

While many of the games I’ve included here still sit half finished or deserving of more time put into exploring their respective virtual worlds further, it’s hard to deny the memorable nature of my personal 2015 list. Read More

Mad Max

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The ground zips by, alternating between crumbled blacktop and unchecked sand dunes. The deformed hunchback riding in the back of my rusted out car babbles incoherently about holy relics of chrome and greased Gods. I body check the car next to me, the rusted out nails on my rims tearing his tires to shreds. Flames shoot from the sides of the enemy, roasting my and my ride. Our collective health drops, a timer begins to count down from 5. I have to bail out. And fast. But first… Time slows to a crawl and I fire two shotgun shells directly into the opposing hot rod’s gas tank, a giant barrel sitting in what used to be a car trunk. 4 seconds now and it catches, fizzles then exploding, hurtling dozens of feet into the air tumbling end over end. 3 seconds when I begin to open my driver’s side door, bailing out now my only option. 2 seconds is when the car runs over the approaching ridge at the side of the road and begins to bounce back and forth in a swaying motion, disobeying the laws of physics and beginning to glitch. At 1 second left I escape the burning wreck only to be flung like a propeller hundreds of feet into the air as the physics continue to wreak havoc on my smoldering ride. I made my escape, and it was cinematic as hell. Read More

The Hobbyist Freelancer’s Process: Part 2

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Part One of my brief overview of what it’s like to do hobbyist freelance artwork saw me working on an iterative logo for the band Slow Train. This process involved an exploratory period, followed by further refining of the design and concluding with minor tweaks to a mostly finished image, all the while staying in constant contact with the client, an acknowledged old college buddy of mine Michael Kelly.

Read More

The Hobbyist Freelancer’s Process: Part 1

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Out of the many commissioned projects I worked on over the years, this is the first time enough of it has been done digitally that I have a fairly large amount of the process documented. It made sense then that I could use that as the basis for a helpful, step by step account of how I tend to work from beginning to end when tasked with creating something real from another’s wispy imagination. Specifically, Part 1 will focus on the iterative, client-driven design process of making a work of art designed for commercial use. Part 2 will focus on an artistic driven, step by step process of creating a digital work of art for use in advertising and promotion.

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The Games that were 2014

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The overall trend of many Game of the Year discussions seems to be that this was something of an off year. People have said that many of the year’s biggest titles ended up being pushed into 2015, leaving a gaming slate that felt half full. While there was an admittedly large gaming void for much of the year, I have always felt that a large hole in the ‘AAA’ lineup means that many of the less obvious games are allowed to stand out. And if there is one thing I know about myself, it’s that those are the games that I’m usually fondest of. Read More